Times of the School Day

8.40am Main gates unlocked
8.45am  A bell is rung and children may enter the building. (If it is raining children can enter from 8.40am.)
8.50am A bell is rung to signal the start of the school day
10.25am  Key Stage 1 break
10.45am End of Key Stage 1 break
11.00am Key Stage 2 break
11.20am End of Key Stage 2 break
12.15pm Lunchtime for all years
1.15pm End of lunchtime
3.15pm End of school day

School Security

The staff and governors are fully committed to maintaining the safety of the children and the security of the building.

All visitors are requested to report to the school office and sign the visitors’ book. We operate a colour-coded lanyard system for visitors within the school and all the children are made aware of this. All exterior doors have locks to restrict public access.