"Being a prefect is an outstanding opportunity because you have a vast amount of activities to participate in. You can do many creative and exciting things as a prefect! One of the most exciting things that we've done so far is selling poppies for charity during lunch break and after school. 

As a prefect, you have to give up some of your time but in the end it is always fun. We recently attended parents evening where we greeted parents and showed them to their classes. We enjoyed it thoroughly because we were representing our school. 

While we are at school, we also have to handle quite important things such as Class awards and Prefect Merit Awards which we hand out during Star of the Week assembly (at the end of the week). We have also been ensuring children are following the school rules at the end of break time and lunchtime by lining up quietly. Then at the end of the week (in Star of the Week assembly) we hand out an award for the best line.

We have also taken part in the Remembrance assembly. In that time we lead the assembly in front of the whole school. 

We are always happy to help in and around the school and are always looking for ways to improve this area. 

By the Prefects (Suha, Hayden, Gabriel, Ava, Millie and Kai)