Our School Ethos and Vision

The Governors and School Leadership Team are highly ambitious for the school and work closely together to develop our purpose, vision and strategy, underpinned by a strong set of values. The well-being of our children is at the heart of our school, and we encourage high standards of behaviour and learning to support each individual pupil to achieve their maximum potential, both academically and in developing the broader life skills they will need for the future.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to nurture happy, independent and resilient pupils who confidentially take responsibility for their own learning within a caring community. We wish to instil in our children a sense of self-worth and a passion for life-long learning so that they feel equipped morally, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally to embrace the opportunities in their future life.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is rooted in what we value today – we wish to see a vibrant, caring, thriving community where all staff and children are valued and respected. We will continue to be immersed in the local and wider community to create socially conscious, caring individuals whose contribution impacts on the wider world.

Our Ethos

* Pride – in our school, our community, our combined achievements and ourselves

* Respect – in all our thoughts and actions towards people and property

* Care – and concern towards others, our work, our environment and our community

* Unity – of purpose, direction and partnership through teamwork and support

* Success – every member of our school community is given the opportunity and       encouragement to blossom and succeed