Local & International Community Support

Slough Homeless Our Concern
Stoke Poges School Council have recently helped raise awareness of homeless people and raised over £1,400 for the local charity SHOC. The School Council led the initiative by asking our school members to help out family and friends around the home  for a little spare change to work towards filling a Smarties tube.
We were so proud of how committed our school community were and really appreciated their support.
The Jajari School Project
The Stoke Poges School have been supporting 'The Jajari School Project' in The Gambia for some years now.
In 2009 their school (made of mud bricks) was washed away by floods. The only thing to survive was an old chalk board.
The village of Jajari is situated in the norther province of The Gambia and is extremely difficult to reach, there is no development, and the people are extremely poor. The village of Jajari were desperate to provide an education for their children but with few resources could see no way of rebuilding another school.
Whilst visiting The Gambia on holiday local business man, Philip Morgan, learned of their plight and wanted to help...
The project officially began in February 2009 with e planting of a mango tree. A new water well was dug to provide a much-needed resource and bricks were made by hand. A school building slowly began to emerge.
We, at the Stoke Poges School, have periodically sent unwanted books and school equipment to Jajari. The latest being 60 old school chairs that Foundation Stage were throwing away. Having rescued them from the skip, members of staff cleaned them and sent them to Jajari. You can see the picture of the children sitting on the chairs!
In 2016 our Shoebox Appeal was in aid of the children of The Jajari School. 
Full details on the Jajari School Project can be found at www.morganclarkfoundation.org

Shoebox Appeal 2015

A huge thank you to all children and parents who kindly donated a shoebox of goodies for the children of The Patachala School in India.

We were thrilled to deliver 210 of them to Peter Knight who will oversee the delivery of the gift boxes to India.

You will see the school minibus was packed to the roof!

We are delighted to receive the video of the children opening their gifts (see below).


Through one of our parents, Mr Knight, The Stoke Poges School is delighted to have formed a friendship with the Patachala School which is located in a small semi-urban area called Kukatpally, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It takes children from, UK equivalent, Foundation to Year 5. They then go on to high school if a place is found for them. 

The children are mainly from extremely low paid migrant worker families who come to the city to find work. Many live in poorly constructed shacks and some from solid build houses but most lack running water and electricity. Those who do have electricity have a very intermittent supply. Some face eviction and move frequently causing a lot of disruption to the children. Other children are local tribal children who are sometimes living rough on rubbish dumps. Their parents often erect makeshift tents from sticks and metal sheets. 

The UK registered charity that is funding the school is called Hyderapals and they have three UK and two India trustees. 

Mr Knight will be returning to the school in the near future and he will be taking a video from our children with him.  All the children are looking forward to receiving one in return.

The photos below were taken by Mr Knight on his last visit.  The school is aiming to hold an exhibition of his work in the summer term.