Learning at Stoke Poges

Teaching and Learning at Stoke Poges 

Teaching at The Stoke Poges School is ‘Learning Centred’, meaning that each element of whole school and classroom practice is designed with an understanding of how children learn best at its heart.

Children learn best when teaching and learning activities enthuse, engage and motivate them to learn, and when they foster their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

In our school you will see:

  • Creative teaching and creative learning
  • Staff making the content real to pupils – if something is based in the past, for example, we try to think of the legacy it has left and start with that
  • Staff using a stimulus  to engage all pupils– a visit, visitors, artefacts, books, DVDs, role-play etc
  • Learning activities that enthuse pupils so that they persevere when faced with difficult problems and are keen to succeed and to learn more
  • A pace of learning that is optimised for progress and high quality outcomes
  • Children’s home-learning being valued
  • Children learning independently
  • Children collaborating on projects
  • Children enjoying their learning

Children learn best when assessment informs teaching so that there is provision for support, repetition and extension of learning for each child, at each level of attainment.

In our school you will see:

  • Children using frequent, detailed and accurate feedback from teachers, both oral and written, to improve their learning
  • Children who are motivated to learn through differentiated learning-activities that build on their prior attainment and issue challenge that is pitched at a level that is achievable when they work hard and try their very best
  • Children with specific learning needs receiving support at the time and level it is required to optimise their learning
  • Pupils supporting one another where appropriate
  • Independent learning, where children use assessment information to direct their own learning activity

Children learn best when the learning environment is ordered, the ethos is purposeful and they feel safe.

In our school you will see:

  • Mutual respect between adults and children
  • Children who feel secure to speak and act freely, enjoying freedom from bullying and harassment that may include prejudice-based bullying related to special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability
  • High self-esteem, with all children feeling valued and secure
  • Children taking risks in their learning, and learning from their mistakes
  • Children’s learning outcomes displayed around the classroom and the school for others to appreciate 
  • Organisation of classroom routines and resources to optimise learning

Children learn best when there are strong links between home and school, and the importance of parental involvement in their children’s learning is recognised, valued and developed.

In our school you will see:

  • Children’s home-learning being valued, both that resulting from tasks and activities set by the teacher and that occurring independently of school