September 2017

In Science we have been looking closely at the digestive system. To help the children understand the functions of the different parts of the body, we conducted an investigation in class.

Starting with the food inside the stomach (the zip-lock bag), we added saliva (water) and orange juice (acid). We then mashed it up to mimic the wall of the stomach. We then moved the food to the small intestine (the tight) and squeezed it through to the bottom. We squeezed out all of the liquid nutrients out of the food into the rest of the body (the plastic tray). The remaining food was pushed (through a hole in the tight) into the large intestine (plastic cup with a hole in the bottom). The waste product was then pushed out of the large intestine and through the anus (the hole). We were left with a solid stool (remaining food) at the end of the process.

The children had a lot of fun taking part in this investigation, although it was a little gross at times!


In Year 4 we have been really impressed with the time and effort the children have put into their recent homework project. The children have worked very hard to research the Romans and to produce a presentation for the rest of the class. It has been great to see so many  different ideas from the year group and we look forward to the children sharing their work with us over the rest of the term.

Well done Year 4!