Phonics provides a solid foundation that enables children to become successful readers and writers.  This is why at The Stoke Poges School, phonics underpins all areas of the curriculum from Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and up into Key Stage 2.

Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 follow the Read, Write Inc programme. This is the systematic teaching of all the common sounds in the English Language. Children are taught to recognise the sounds and to put them together to sound-blend them into words for reading and writing. We also teach them to form each letter, spell correctly and compose their ideas step-by-step.

Our Phonics programme is taught and consolidated daily and is an integral part of the timetable. Throughout the programme, children learn the English alphabetic code (the 150+ graphemes that represent the 44 speech sounds). They rapidly learn sounds and the letter or groups of letters they need to represent them in speed sound lessons. Simple and enjoyable mnemonics help children to recognise the letter-sound correspondences quickly, with tricky words being taught alongside. The repeated readings of texts support these skills as well as developing children’s accuracy, fluency, decoding and comprehension. We are passionate about getting children to read and teach them to learn to read accurately and fluently and with good comprehension.

Helping at Home

There are many different ways to help support your child at home with their phonics.  As a school we organise a parent workshop to discuss our approach to teaching phonics and offer suggestions of games to play and websites to visit that can support you at home.  The presentation from the workshop can be found below.

It is vital that when you are supporting your children with their phonics at home that the children are saying all the sounds correctly.  This is important for their phonic development and supports each child in their reading and writing.  This video link shows you how each sound should be said and by reinforcing this at home will only help support their phonics teaching and learning at school.

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Year 1 Phonics Screening Test (Summer Term)

The National phonics screening check is a statutory assessment that was introduced in 2012 for all Year 1 pupils and is a quick and easy check of your child’s phonics knowledge.  It comprises of a list of 40 words and is taken in June of each year.  The words in the test are a mixture of words the children will see in their phonics lessons and in their reading books and some words will be ‘nonsense’ or ‘alien words’.  These words are made up words where different phonics sounds are put together.

The test assesses the phonics skills of segmenting and blending and the knowledge of sounds learned through Reception and Key Stage 1.  The check is very similar to tasks the children have already completed during phonics lessons.

Reading Schemes used at The Stoke Poges School

At Stoke Poges, we aim to instil a passion for books and foster a real love for reading right from the start.  We do this by ensuring that a range of colourful and exciting texts are available within in each class and in our reading scheme.

The school primarily uses Oxford Reading Tree to support reading.  Rigby Star, Project X and Bug Club are supplementary schemes, together with a variety of other literature to enhance enjoyment.