November 2016

Intech Visit
On Wednesday 16th November, Year 5 went on an ‘out of this world’ trip to Winchester Science Centre.  The children enjoyed a variety of Science activities, experimenting with and playing on various exhibits. 
Year 5 also took part in a ‘Destination Space’ workshop, where the children got a taste of what it would be like preparing to work on the International Space Station, just like Tim Peake! 
Everyone agreed that the highlight of the trip was the Planetarium.  Alex, our host, baffled us with his limitless knowledge of our Solar System as he took us on a virtual journey all around it, from Mercury’s rock hard surface and extreme temperatures, right up to Neptune, where it rains diamonds! 
5T Class Assembly
On Thursday 10th November 5T put on an assembly that blew the audience away with laughter and facts about the climate. We were introducing our new Geography topic- EXTREME EARTH.
The assembly featured a talking camel (Alex the camel had 5 humps) I hope you all sang along as it's a Foundation classic!
There were presenters from 'Good Morning Britain'- Piers Morgan behaved himself and was joined by reporters from all over the world.
Some of the audience members had an unfortunate encounter with some spiders...YUK! Luckily our native was there to save the day.  
It was a fantastic performance 5T and Miss Taylor is so proud of you all.