VIAM 2018

On Wednesday 14 March, 20 members of the choir from Year 5 and 6 attended Voice in a Million at Wembley Arena. The children had worked hard to learn the lyrics and the dance moves and it was amazing to see it all come together at such a fabulous venue. We were entertained by Road Trip, Lil’ T and Riccardo, not to mention HRVY, whose appearance received the biggest screams. Millie, Priya and Maria had the honour of carrying the school banner in the opening parade. We all had a fabulous time!

School orchestra concert

On Tuesday 23 May, the school’s musicians put on a splendid concert. In the afternoon, the whole school crammed into the hall to watch and listen to a varied programme of music. The parents were invited to the early evening performance. The main stars of the show were the lunchtime club musicians, the orchestra, choir and ukulele club. Our lovely instrumental teachers also prepared items for their children to perform, either in groups or as solos. Mr Pearce attended the concert to accompany Millie Davies on the guitar. Sally Whale, who helps run the orchestra, brought along her cello to add some depth to the orchestra.

Ms Frank was very pleased with how it all went and was particularly impressed with the orchestra’s rendition of In the Hall of the Mountain King. The very generous evening audience donated about £280 in a retiring collection, which is going towards replacing the worn-out music stands.

Echoes 7 at The Royal Albert Hall

On Monday March 20, 30 children from The Stoke Poges School performed in the two World Premieres at the Royal Albert Hall. The event was called Echoes 7 and it involved children from 52 Buckinghamshire primary schools. The first premiere was a song cycle by famous jazz trombonist and composer, Scott Stroman. Scott used the words of poems by Enid Blyton to compose music which could be played by children who have only been playing a short while. It was perfect for our whole class pBone lessons in Year 5 (a pBone is a trombone made of plastic). Scott conducted the piece himself, with Miss Silsby and Ms Frank directing our children with hand signs. The second World Premiere, Lifesong, was also written especially for Echoes 7.  It formed the finale of the concert, with the composer, Sheila Wilson present in the audience.

It was a very long day (the coach arrived back at 11.10pm!).  The children were fantastic, and were complimented by Glyn Murphy, the organiser, on their attitude and behaviour. Ms Gamiet, Mrs Fetherstone and Ms Frank were very proud of them all. It was an experience that we will probably never forget.

October 2017 update

Year 5 have made an excellent start with their trombone lessons.