March 2017

Healthy Food Day with Chris Wheeler

What a fantastic day we had! Chris Wheeler, head chef at Stoke Park, visited us  for our Healthy Eating Day today. We all looked very professional dressed in our chef's apron and hat.

The session started with a quiz about sugar and we used a sugar app to find out how much sugar some of our favourite food and drinks contained.  Some of the results were very surprising. After, we were able to prepare and eat a healthy banana 'ice cream' and a delicious rainbow salad.

We would like to thank Chris and Stoke Park for making this such a memorable day. 

Did you know the current St Paul's Cathedral is the fifth one? 
Year 2 found out lots of interesting facts about Sir Christopher Wren and The Great Fire of London on our visit to St Paul's last week. We took part in some acting, climbed up to the Whispering Gallery and even had our name mentioned in a prayer whilst sitting under the dome. What a wonderful day we all had!
Last week Year 2 were very lucky and got to meet Dick Smith, the town crier of Beaconsfield. He gave us a very interesting talk about the life of a town crier and we learnt that people in 1666 would have found out about local news through the announcements made by the town crier. We wondered if that was how some people found out about the Great Fire of London. We were amazed by his loud, booming voice and had a competition to see which children could be future town criers. There were quite a few!
Thank you Dick for your wonderful visit and for welcoming all the special ladies for our Mother's Day Celebration.