February 2017

Year 2 have been busy learning about animals and their habitats in Science. They were set a task  to create a book about their favourite animal including information about their habitat, nutrition and reproduction. Everyone had great fun making them and particularly enjoyed sharing them with Foundation children.

Year 2 had an exciting start to the term with a visit from Gerrards Cross fire service.  As our topic is The Great Fire of London, we found it really interesting looking at the equipment and uniform that the fire fighters use and wear now and how different it is to 1666. We made our own London street full of houses and watched as they burnt just like 'The Great Fire'.

Caterpillar Class shared what we have learnt in science about animals and their habitats with our parents. We told them a story about how animals can only live in certain places. We chose an animal to study for homework and created a booklet. We chose one of the amazing facts about our animal to share in the assembly. It was so interesting!