February 2017

5G Class Assembly

5G performed a glorious assembly on Thursday 2nd February with their performance of ‘Oliver, with a Twist’.  In 20 minutes, the children re-told the popular Dickens classic with drama, song, and some interesting historical facts interspersed along the way.  The assembly complemented our topic on the Victorians this term, which they children have enjoyed studying. Throughout the impressive performance, the ‘history hosts’ fascinated the audience with the harsh reality so many poor children faced in those days.  Our assembly ended with a thoughtful reflection, being thankful for our blessings today in this country and hoping for the same in other countries around the world. 

All in all, we ‘considered ourselves’ pretty awesome!

On Wednesday 8th February, Year 5 were transported back into the Victorian era at Reading Museum.
Each class had the experience of what it would have been like in a Victorian Classroom. We think Mrs Claridge and Ms Gamiet are just as strict as the teacher we had.
We learnt about the daily routines, punishments and the writing equipment. Victorian children would have been punished for having ink on their fingers. Lucky for us we live in the modern day, otherwise some of us would have been beaten black and blue.
Our afternoon session was all about the 'Working Child'. We learnt about the jobs a poor Victorian child would have had to endure. The long hours, the illness and not to mention the very poor pay (if the children were even paid at all).
We had such a fantastic day!